|| Welp- I suddenly want to make an ask blog for the Opposite Alfred. X’D Pfft-

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Late, but we still want to do it. Thank you, everyone, for everything! With this, I believe I shall tell you a tale I had experienced just some days ago. Stay tuned. We are getting nearer to a good plot.

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I was really bored even though I should focus on my college. I’ve decided to do aluox’s ask blog art meme (Template)

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~The time has come [Q]w[Q] Admin is asking for commissions~

The low wage job can’t pay for certain necessities and has been in long need of a graphic tablet.

Rules and Guidelines

  • Any OC character will need a reference
  • Will not do NSFW (only exception is having obvious areas covered)
  • Will be using simple backgrounds
  • Select the Medium with it’s following Style, the Character Size will be added addition to that.
For ex:
PrismaColor ($4), Flat, Bust (+$3) = $7
  • Digitals are higher because the process takes longer.
  • Prices are subject to change accordingly.
  • Currency is USD
Payment will be PayPal
Email: LinmyrasCommissions@hotmail.com
Prices are negotiable. Any questions don’t be afraid to send a pm.
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I was really bored even though I should focus on my college. I’ve decided to do aluox’s ask blog art meme (Template)

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You are more cute!




Freaking out was kinda already done. I was fascinated once but not anymore. You guys have been showing up lately.

Well, there goes my chance on impressing you hehe…let’s start with the basics!


Don’t worry. You can still pretty much impress me with something else I bet.

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Why do you not find someone for you?

I want to enjoy my freedom :Y

Being single is all well and good until suddenly you want to spoil the shit out of someone and love them to bits and then realise you're an ugly old fart with no one to spoil okay the struggle is real you know



-And you’re getting more older than you already are because of that depressive thoughts man. Just ask someone out already. There’s no harm in doing it :/

All right then. How about we go see a movie sometime? 



I said someone, not me but if you want it that way then so be it. I'll just annoy you to no end and make you regret your choices.

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