Shane:*puts on a horrible blonde long hair wig* Oh Alfred my dear Hero! *tries to fake a female voice* Oh Prince of my sleepless nights, will you and only youuuu, share some of your spare time with me to play with me P.T Silent Hills~ Without you I will be eaten by Monsters so oh my hero will you do me this favor~? *grins widely, trying not to burst out into laughing*

Shane please—- I’ll play with you so you can stop that act now.

|| Anyone here has skypu? o3o

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I’m freaking rad and you all know it

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Slowly but surely filling up the watercolor pad. ^q^)b This is a W.I.P traditional fanart.

|| I’m too scared to water color this welp- Yes it’s forget-me-not flowers

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|| When a really great Hetalia artist (at least I think so because deym their art is seriously amazing like wow-) follows this blog I go all like-

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That theme was a big plus that MADE me following you.


|| Random. I haven’t touched my graphic tablet for two weeks to be honest.

How do I draw Alfred’s hair. I don’t know anymore

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|| Curses- I have a lot of free time (not to do random shet ofc) but I decided to sleep on it. I still feel sleepy ugh college.

Anyway purpose of this post is just to do a meme since I was tagged by ask-ghost-arthur.

Rules: Answer the questions and tag 10 followers except I don’t follow meme rules buwahahaha //slapped

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